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Colourhaze – Tempel (album review)

Hi there. I’m Redman from Melbourne, Australia and I would like to welcome you to my first online blog of Redman’s Reviews.
Each week I will be reviewing an album (from the past or present) from the grunge, stoner, psychedelic, fuzz, doom and blues rock genre.


First of the bat I will be reviewing the album Tempel (released 2006) by the band Colourhaze from Munich, Germany.

Tempel is an excellent example of some of the cream of the crop of what the stoner, psychedelic,desert and fuzz rock groups of Europe have to offer.

This 3 piece consisting of Stefan Kogleki on Guitars and vocals, Philipp Rasthoffer on bass and Manfred Merwold on drums are one of Europe’s stoner rock pioneers from early 90’s ( their first album was released in 1994 ) and have influenced countless amounts of bands over the years with their musical style.

Their use of melodic guitar parts, lo-fi distorted fuzzy tones and hypnotic tribal-esque grooves bring an almost kaleidoscopic journey of musical colours for the ears and the mind of the listener throughout the whole album. The use of light and shade dynamics all help to add to the musical journey along with the very tasteful choir like vocals that help to accentuate the tracks but not try and overpower it.

The track off the album that I have chosen for your listening pleasure today is the album opener ‘Aquamaria’ that is a great example of all the elements coming together.


Redman \m/

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSHFhHnguZ0[/embedyt]

You can check out Colourhaze’s website here also