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Samsara Blues Experiment: A Journey Through Psychedelic Sound

The Genesis of Samsara Blues Experiment

In the summer of 2007, guitarist Christian Peters embarked on a musical adventure that would lead to the formation of the enigmatic Samsara Blues Experiment (SBE). Departing from his previous venture with the band Terraplane, Peters set out to craft a distinctive sound that would soon captivate listeners around the world.

The Lineup That Defined an Era: Autumn 2008

One cannot discuss Samsara Blues Experiment without delving into the lineup that solidified their sonic identity. Joining Peters were Hans Eiselt on a second guitar, Richard Behrens on bass, and Thomas Vedder on drums. Each member brought their unique musical experiences from various underground bands, enriching SBE's repertoire with diverse influences.

Epic Soundscapes: The Signature SBE Long Intros

One defining characteristic of Samsara Blues Experiment's music is their penchant for extended intros. These intros, often spanning over four minutes, serve as a captivating prelude to the main melodies. Tracks like "Singata Mystic Queen" exemplify this style, immersing listeners in a hypnotic journey before the vocals even begin.

A New Chapter: "Rock Hard In Concert"

As we fast forward to October 1, 2023, Samsara Blues Experiment enthusiasts can rejoice in the release of their latest offering, "Rock Hard In Concert." This live album promises to be a testament to the band's enduring musical prowess, offering fans an opportunity to experience their sound in a raw, unfiltered form.


Samsara Blues Experiment's musical odyssey has been nothing short of mesmerizing. From their formation in 2007 to the latest live album release in 2023, they continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of psychedelic music. With their epic intros and unwavering dedication to their craft, SBE remains a timeless gem in the realm of rock music.


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