About Us

Our mission:

🎢 At Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio, our mission is simple yet powerful: to introduce you to music from artists you've never heard of and share these hidden gems with passionate music lovers worldwide. 🌍

We're on a relentless quest to discover independent, obscure talents from all corners of the globe, with a main focus on Stoner, Psychedelic, Rock, Southern Rock, and Punk Blues. These genres all share a common thread: they're deeply influenced by the blues sound, which is at the heart of what we do. 🀘

Our commitment extends to our live radio shows, where our presenters dive into a diverse range of genres, including Stoner, Metal, Psychedelic, Hard Blues, Southern Rock, Punk Blues, and raw Country. Each of our presenters brings a unique sound and style, ensuring that every show is a fresh and exciting experience. We pride ourselves on playing new music from the past 5 years, occasionally taking a trip back 10 years, but we always strive to keep the music current. πŸ“»

We're always on the lookout for new presenters and talent to join our show, as well as fantastic music from independent artists. Interested? Email us at cowboysjukejoint@gmail.com. Step inside Cowboy's Juke Joint, explore our musical world, and discover your new favorite band. 🌟 #CowboysJukeJointRadio #DiscoverNewMusic #HiddenGems 🎡


The Best Way To Discover New Rock Artists

This show is awesome because it’s all about putting a spotlight on new/upcoming rock bands. Of course we love the classics, but it’s time to give the new bands a chance and that’s what Cowboy’s Juke Joint is doing. Highly recommend anyone to tune in and give it a listen.

- Joel Son of John


If you’re looking for a deep dive into blues and rock, this podcast is it! Love it and can’t wait to listen to more episodes!

- Delris

great show with killer music by bands that you aren't sick of.

- Donny Beadles

The very best show if you want to listen to the very best of the most recent garage-gritty-blues-southern-rock stuff.

- Jerome - Gritty Rock Radio

Amazing unknown music!!! Check it out.

- Stone Jamess

Playing music thats actually good!

- Alisha Ogrodowski

Great music, great people.

- Jared Zachary - Buffalo Fuzz

Cool guys playing the coolest gritty blues music on the planet. Highly recommended!

- Graeme Moncrieff - Dusk Brothers

killer music that'll shake you awake any time .