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Stew: Reviving the Rock of Ages from Sweden

Stepping into the scene in 2017, Stew is a band with a rich history of individual talents coming together. Their mission? To revive the spirit of rock that made the '70s legendary.

A Ripple in the Music World

Stew's authentic '60s/'70s riff-rock revivalism caught the ear of Ripple Music, a heavyweight label known for its discerning taste in rock. With grooves as classic and hearty as Mountain or Blue Cheer, Stew makes no apologies for what they do.

Explosive Jams with a Timeless Core

Blazing a trail with explosive, bluesy, and even funky jams, Stew brings back the essence of the '70s with a core of honest heaviness that transcends time. Their album "People" is a barn-burner of heavy jams, singalong grooves, and anthemic rock nuggets. It's like they're ready for a stadium tour with Grand Funk Railroad!

Capturing the Classic Sound

Stew believes in the magic of classic rock, and just like the legends, they record live (except for vocals and solos) to capture that raw, authentic sound.

Joining the Ripple Family

Stew has proudly joined the Ripple Music family, a label that sees its bands as part of a musical kin. It's a match made in rock 'n' roll heaven, and they couldn't be happier to be a part of it.

Are you ready to rock with Stew? Stay tuned for their explosive jams and timeless sound!


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