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The Best Way To Discover New Rock Artists

This show is awesome because it’s all about putting a spotlight on new/upcoming rock bands. Of course we love the classics, but it’s time to give the new bands a chance and that’s what Cowboy’s Juke Joint is doing. Highly recommend anyone to tune in and give it a listen.

- Joel Son of John


If you’re looking for a deep dive into blues and rock, this podcast is it! Love it and can’t wait to listen to more episodes!

- Delris

great show with killer music by bands that you aren't sick of.

- Donny Beadles

The very best show if you want to listen to the very best of the most recent garage-gritty-blues-southern-rock stuff.

- Jerome - Gritty Rock Radio

Amazing unknown music!!! Check it out.

- Stone Jamess

Playing music thats actually good!

- Alisha Ogrodowski

Great music, great people.

- Jared Zachary - Buffalo Fuzz

Cool guys playing the coolest gritty blues music on the planet. Highly recommended!

- Graeme Moncrieff - Dusk Brothers

killer music that'll shake you awake any time .