Southbound Snake Charmers

The Southbound Snake Charmers: Raw Rockin’ Riffs and Dirty Blues

The Southbound Snake Charmers are a dynamic blues-rock quartet that has been crafting their unique brand of swampy blues since 2013. Led by the original Snake Charmer himself, Chris Denman on vocals and guitar, Gary Ritchie on guitar and backing vocals, Nat Sutphin on bass guitar, and Brooke Maloney on drums and percussion, the band draws on influences like Cream, Johnny Winter, Creedence Clear Water Revival, and Jimi Hendrix, to create a fresh approach to the genre.

With four releases under their belt and the latest EP, The Snake, released in 2022, The Southbound Snake Charmers have quickly gained a reputation for their high-energy live shows. The band has appeared at a multitude of the country’s most beloved blues and local festivals, including The Mitchell Creek Rock ’n’ Blues Fest, The Bruthen Blues Festival, St Kilda Live ’n’ Local Festival, Trafalgar East Blues Festival, and The Brunswick Blues and Grooves Fest.

The band's overall sound is difficult to pin down, with their latest EP featuring six songs characterized by sun-drenched '60s guitar tones, raw emotive vocals, and a driving rhythm section with a heavier edge. The Southbound Snake Charmers are guaranteed to make you want to get down and slither like a red-bellied black snake. Their unique blend of dirty blues and rockin’ riffs with lashings of stoner vibes and psychedelic fuzz is what sets them apart from the rest.