The Black Wizards

The Black Wizards: Bringing the Roots of Blues Rock to Life

The Black Wizards are a four-piece band from Portugal who create a unique sound that draws inspiration from the roots of blues rock. Their album, Reflections, is a psychedelic rock album with stoner tendencies that blends the bluesy roots of their music with layered textures and mystical swamp atmospherics. At the heart of the band's sound is the excellent Joana Brito on vocals, who possesses a timbre akin to Joan Jett with a delivery like Janis Joplin.

Reflections' songwriting perfectly balances the riffs and atmospherics, allowing the guitar and bass tones to change subtly on each transition. The album's layered textures provide a glimpse into the black history roots of blues music, making the album feel even richer and more distinct. While the band's hazy, fuzzy blues rock amalgam is the primary focus of the album, it's the stoner metal elements that are well implemented and make the listener crave more.

The Black Wizards' music has been critically acclaimed since their debut EP, Fuzzadelic, and their follow-up album, Lake of Fire. Their unique blend of blues and psychedelic rock has solidified them as one of the top female-fronted, occult, blues, rock bands in the music industry. With Joana Brito's powerful vocals, layered textures, and detailed songwriting, The Black Wizards are a band that music enthusiasts should keep their eyes and ears on.