Woodstock Barbie

Woodstock Barbie: The Fusion of Vintage Blues Rock and Stoner

Woodstock Barbie is a Hungarian band that has been creating a buzz in the music scene with their unique sound that blends vintage blues rock with scratchy stoner and silky soul. The band consists of Sandra Pádár on vocals, Arián Horváth on guitar and keys, Ádám Gilinger on drums, and 'Roti' Áron Vilczek on bass. Their debut EP, Never Gonna Fall in Line, was released in 2019, and they have been winning hearts ever since.

The band's music has received rave reviews from music magazines worldwide, including I'm Music Magazine and Pillar Artists' Music Radar. Stoner Rock Blog Hungary praised the band's fusion of musical genres, while Shockmagazin highlighted Sandra Pádár's unmatched vocals. In 2022, Woodstock Barbie made it to IMPALA's "100 Artists to Watch in 2022" list, cementing their status as a rising star in the music industry.

Despite the pandemic, Woodstock Barbie continued to make music, releasing their new EP, Soul Smoke, in April 2021, followed by their Witch of the Dice EP in March 2023. The band has also won several awards, including the Best Female Singer and Best Musician awards at the Hungarian Fülesbagoly talent competition. With upcoming gigs and tours across Central and Eastern Europe, Woodstock Barbie is undoubtedly a band to watch out for.