By Cowboy

"Fuzzy Grass: Reviving the Spirit of '70s Psychedelic Blues"

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Toulouse, France, Fuzzy Grass brings a nostalgic and modern blend of groovy, psychedelic heavy blues that transports you straight back to the '70s. Their latest album, "1971," released in 2018, is a testament to their dedication to reviving the spirit of this era.

Formed in August 2015, Fuzzy Grass is a French heavy blues, stoner, and psychedelic band comprising four talented musicians: Audric Faucheux on vocals and strange machines, Laura Luiz on guitar, Thomas Hobeck on bass, and Clément Gaudry-Santiago on drums and MS20. What unites them is a shared desire to explore musical inspiration through improvisation and composition.

With authenticity and spontaneity at the core of their sound, Fuzzy Grass creates an unforgettable experience on stage, combining Rock & Roll compositions with exhilarating improvisations. Their music resonates with both nostalgia seekers and modern music enthusiasts, making them a band to watch for a taste of '70s-inspired heavy blues and psychedelic rock.


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