By Cowboy

Unearthing Bone Haus: Boise's Post-Punk Garage Rock Sensation

Get ready to dive into the raw and distorted world of Boise's very own Bone Haus. Hailing from Idaho's capital, this socially conscious quartet is making waves in the modern rock scene. Comprising Rain on vocals, Andre on guitar, Allison on bass, and Joe on drums, Bone Haus is here to deliver a sound and DIY vibe that's been conspicuously absent from today's music landscape.

With their heavy, distorted sound, Bone Haus is challenging the norms of rock music, revitalizing the post-punk garage rock genre. Their latest release from February 3, 2023, is a testament to their musical prowess and their dedication to delivering something unique. Join us as we unearth the gems of Boise's post-punk garage rock scene and discover what sets Bone Haus apart in this electrifying musical landscape.

Bone Haus "Pall Revere" Confoundead EP 2023 


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