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"Mount Desert: Exploring 'Fear The Heart' (2022)"

Oakland's musical landscape has birthed many experimental acts, but none quite like Mount Desert. This dynamic duo, consisting of Scott Weiser and Jordan Norton, defies musical categorization. Their influences range from Pink Floyd to Neurosis, and their sound is a blend of psychedelic rock, post-rock, blues, and metal—a journey through 'Fear The Heart' (2022).

From the opening track "Blue Madonna," Mount Desert transports listeners to a realm where genres blur and sonic landscapes expand. Each song is a chapter in their sonic exploration. "New Fire" and "Semper Virens" seamlessly weave blues and metal into their psychedelic foundation, creating a raw yet refined sound.

'Fear The Heart' is a testament to their innovation, beckoning listeners to venture beyond musical boundaries. It's an invitation to explore uncharted musical territories, making Mount Desert an exciting force in the Oakland music scene.

In a world of conformity, Mount Desert stands as a symbol of creativity. 'Fear The Heart' isn't just an album; it's a declaration that music knows no limits. With artists like Mount Desert, anything is possible.

Mount Desert "Fear the Heart" 2022 



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